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Title: Сравнительный анализ характеристик тестовых заданий, уровня подготовленности абитуриентов и успеваемости студентов
Authors: Малиновский, В. В.
Чиркина, А. А.
Keywords: централизованное тестирование
характеристика тестов
centralized testing
test characteristics
academic performance
university applicants
Issue Date: 20-Feb-2013
Publisher: Установа адукацыі "Віцебскі дзяржаўны ўніверсітэт імя П.М. Машэрава"
Abstract: Проведен сравнительный анализ характеристик тестов, уровня подготовленности студентов первого курса за период 2006-2012 годов = The comparative analysis of test characteristics, the level of university applicants’ readiness and first year students’ academic performance for the period of 2006–2012 has been carried out. It has been proved that the level of test difficulty and their differentiating ability haven’t changed during the above mentioned period. Among test tasks those of medium level prevail. Moderate correlation dependence between the results of centralized testing in all subjects and the indicators of students’ academic performance has been found out. Results of centralized testing don’t make it possible to have a statistically valid prediction about ‘success–failure’ of first year students’ academic performance. The average score of the certificate of secondary education correlates with successful training for all student groups. The points of 0 to 9 in the subjects of the centralized testing don’t mean a student’s inability to make good progress in his studies.
Description: Малиновский, В. В. Сравнительный анализ характеристик тестовых заданий, уровня подготовленности абитуриентов и успеваемости студентов[Текст] / Василий Васильевич, Анна Александровна ; В. В. Малиновский, А. А. Чиркина // Веснік Віцебскага дзяржаўнага ўніверсітэта. - 2013. - № 1 (73). - С. 63-69. - Библиогр.: с. 69 (3 назв.). - ил.
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