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Title: Русский язык в современном измерении
Other Titles: The Russian Language in the Modern Dimension
Authors: Богданович, Г. Ю.
Keywords: дискурсология
когнитивная лингвистика
корпусная лингвистика
discourse science
cognitive linguistics
cultural linguistics
corpus linguistics
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: ВГУ имени П. М. Машерова
Citation: Витебский государственный университет имени П. М. Машерова. Ученые записки УО "ВГУ им. П. М. Машерова" : сб. науч. трудов. – Витебск : ВГУ имени П. М. Машерова, 2018. – Т. 27. – С. 25-30. – Библиогр.: с. 30 (11 назв.).
Abstract: В статье рассматривается русский язык в аспекте проблем лингвокультурологии. = The modern anthropocentric paradigm actualizes the vectors of linguistic research that receive this or that content. The development of cultural linguistics predetermined attention to cognitive research, communicative linguistics, and linguistic politology. In his works, V.A. Maslova defines the component of linguistic and cultural knowledge, consistently develops the theoretical foundations o f cognitive linguistics, demonstrates the dynamic development o f modern science o f language. Crosscultural communication and modern lexicography make it possible to draw attention to the development of regional languages, as well as by creating an educational thematic dictionary, based on the Russian language dominant, to supplement the corpus o f the national language. Fixing differences, forming a bank of peoples' languages that compactly live on the same territory allows not only to determine the specifics, but also to outline new ways of research and the scientific description of the capabilities of a particular language. As a result, cognitive linguistics, sociolinguistics, corpus and computational linguistics,focused on the development of modern discourse practices, are actualized.
ISSN: 2075-1613
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