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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
502-503.pdf.jpg2022A brief analysis of the history and development of the Chinese musical instrument guzhengZeng Hui; Medvetsky, А. V.
29-31.pdf.jpg2017A content of glucose in hemolimph of pulmonary freshwater molluscs with influence of zinc and lead sulphates (II)Chikindina, A.; Erokhina, E.
1983_34_02.pdf.jpg1983A criterion for the locality of formation productsVorob`ev, N. T.
Mikelsone I., Grava J..pdf.jpg2014A holistic understanding of creativity development in human life cyclesMikelsone, I.; Grava, J.
136-138.pdf.jpg2018A modern interpretation of the image of a Victorian womanYuchkovich, L.
A POWER SUPPLY UNIT FOR DISCHARGING THE PLASMA ELECTRON SOURCE_2006.pdf.jpg2006A Power Supply Unit for Discharging the Plasma Electron SourceAntonovich, D. A.; Gruzdev, V. A.; Zalesskii, V. G.; Rusetskii, I. S.
291-293.pdf.jpg2018A role of physical culture is in educational and uneducational activity of schoolchildrenMironov, A.
327-330.pdf.jpg2021A study on needs of parents rearing children with disabilitiesBusel-Kuchinskaya, E. N.; Guo, Wenjuan
209-211.pdf.jpg2021A teenager as an object of social and pedagogical workLinkova, A.; Skuratovich, K.
59-62.pdf.jpg2019About distribution of alien species of the genus Otiorhynchus Germar, 1822 (Coleoptera, Curculionidae: Entiminae) in Vitebsk and its vicinitiesSolodovnikova, A.
225-226.pdf.jpg2021About some development trends of popular music in ChinaLi Qingbo
339-341.pdf.jpg2021About some measures to strengthen family valuesUnukovich, Z.
32-34.pdf.jpg2019About the conditions of representability of the polynomial ninth degree in the form of superposition of the cubic polynomial from the cubic polynomialZhgirov, V.
27-28.pdf.jpg2021About the economic interpretation of conformable fractional derivativesMel’nichuk, E.
ABOUT THE ELECTIVE_2004.pdf.jpg2004About the elective course «Introduction in methodics of teaching chemistry» for classes of pedagogical profileArshansky, Y.
24-25.pdf.jpg2018About the product Fisher set and Fisher classVaitkevich, H.
188-190.pdf.jpg2021"Abryssy rozne": проблеми інтерпретації та атрибуціїРусина, О. В.
223-224.pdf.jpg2020Accessing students to the cultural heritage of Belarus in the system of additional educationVasilionok, K.
331-333.pdf.jpg2020Acquaintance of gorodok’s schoolchildren with the literary heritage of G. L. ShakulovOrlova, S.
49-51.pdf.jpg2018Activity of general glutathionperoxidase in the hemolymph of a ponder of the ordinalPolozova, N.; Morozova, V.
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