The Youth of the 21st Century: Education, Science, Innovations : Proceedings of VIII International Conference for Students, Postgraduates and Young Scientists, Vitebsk, December 10, 2021. – Vitebsk : Vitebsk State University named after P. M. Masherov, 2021. – 374 р. : [152] Collection home page

The collection of articles includes the Conference proceedings submitted by the authors at the International Conference for Students, Postgraduates and Young Scientists “The Youth of the 21st Century: Education, Science, Innovations” and dedicated to solving current scientific issues in natural sciences, technical sciences and humanities. The articles may be used by scientists, teachers, postgraduates, undergraduates and students of higher educational establishments.

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Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 152
PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
сборник Молодежь 21 века 2021.pdf.jpg2021The Youth of the 21st Century: Education, Science, Innovations-
252-254.pdf.jpg2021Evolution of animation films from 1995 to 2021Pushkel, A.
354-356.pdf.jpg2021Age-specific attitudes towards flexibility exercises among schoolchildrenSharaeva, A.
362-363.pdf.jpg2021Diagnosis of physical fitness of studentsVenskovich, D.
363-366.pdf.jpg2021The main mental aspects of the throws in basketballVilchik, A.
359-361.pdf.jpg2021Vegetative regulation of the heart rate of athletes when performing a dynamic test on a stabiloplatformTishutin, N.
257-259.pdf.jpg2021Design architectural layouts prepared with using 3D printingVargan, A.
254-257.pdf.jpg2021Animation of virtual digital suprematic sculptures in the framework of annual project practice of students studying at the design department VSU named after P. M. MasherovSergeev, A.
347-349.pdf.jpg2021Speed-power training of wrestlersEsipova, Y.
356-359.pdf.jpg2021The functional state of the vegetative nervous system of the teachersSokolova, T.
352-353.pdf.jpg2021Features of the Olympic Games in the conditions of COVID-19Lagosh, E.; Zabarovsky, D.
349-351.pdf.jpg2021Comparative analysis of training load parameters of qualified body athletes depending on body mass taking into account gendor differencesKrasovsky, A.
353-354.pdf.jpg2021The role of power training for technical college student professionsMartusevich, D.
259-261.pdf.jpg2021Project of improvement and green space expansion of the Dvina river territoryZayats, A.
333-336.pdf.jpg2021Instruments and mechanisms of organizational and managerial innovation in the automotive industryTurkovsky, S.
345-346.pdf.jpg2021Physical development of students with intellectual disabilitiesDyadichkina, E.
341-344.pdf.jpg2021Juvenile delinquency as a social problemYanch, S.
307-309.pdf.jpg2021Reasons and conditions influencing the neglect of minorityLapekho, A.
320-322.pdf.jpg2021Protection of women's rights and the universal declaration of human rightsShuhalei, A.
312-314.pdf.jpg2021Features of the constitutional and legal status of national minorities in the Republic of Iran at the present stageLipskaya, D.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 152
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