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141-143.pdf.jpg2016Carbon and nitrogen ratio for spring seston in pelagial and littoral of mesotrophic lakeFarahani, G. Sh.; Buseva, Zh.
204-206.pdf.jpg2014Cardiac responses during hypoxemia following two-week exposures to normobaric intermittent-hypoxiaShi, X.; Zhang, P.; Chen, S.; Downey, H. F.
261-263.pdf.jpg2020Category of offensiveness in the legal aspectPavlovets, M. K.
126-129.pdf.jpg2018Challenges of learning EnglishShutaya, V.
97-98.pdf.jpg2020Change ratio in metabolic effects of zinc sulfate (II)Obukhovskaya, I. N.; Zaytseva, V. V.; Orlova, N. N.
changes-in-erythrocytopoesis-indices-in-dogs-with-babesiosis.pdf.jpg2018Changes in erythrocytopoesis indices in dogs with babesiosisHolovakha, V. I.; Piddubnуak, О. V.; Bakhur, T. I.; Vovkotrub, N. V.; Antipov, A. A.; Anfiorova, M. V.; Gutyj, B. V.; Slivinska, L. G.; Kurdeko, A. P.; Macynovich, A. O.
318-319.pdf.jpg2022Changes in heart rates during latin american competition dances in sports ballroom dancesFu Jiangyan; N. V. Minina, scientific adviser
385-387.pdf.jpg2022Changes in women's health at the age of 40 years that require consideration when choosing a fitness directionMatkova, V.
203-205.pdf.jpg2020Characteristic features of still life in Belarusian painting in the 1950–1960sFedorets, Y.
398-400.pdf.jpg2019Characteristic of speech activity of students with severe disorders of speech in lessons on explosive activityYurahno, D.
101-102.pdf.jpg2022Characteristics of connotative meanings in russian phytonymsAgafonova, O.; Kruchenkova, T.
134-136.pdf.jpg2021Characteristics of the sociocultural competence formation in higher educationBiarozka, D.
Чиркин-Статья в малазийском журнале.pdf.jpg2020-01Characterization of biochemical health markers during athletic activity in pubertyChirkin, А. A.; Mershed, S. A.; Stepanova, N. A.; Chirkina, A. A.
192-194.pdf.jpg2022Chemical experiment with the use of plant objects in the lesson and extra-course activitiesKovaleva, A.
14-17.pdf.jpg2019Chess game in Unity 3D with machine learningFedorenko, A.
305-307.pdf.jpg2019Child rights in healthDorofeeva, M.
398-399.pdf.jpg2022Childhood memories in Elchin Safarli's book "I want to go home"Krishtafovich, A.
260-263.pdf.jpg2018Childhood pedagogy in modern context: problems and prospectsLi Lun
330-331.pdf.jpg2023Chinese embroidery - tradition and modernityWang Jintao; Bobrovich, G. A., scientific supervisor
87-89.pdf.jpg2018Chinese motifs in the poems of Maksim TankAksenchikov-Biryukov, S.; Aksenchikova-Biryukova, A.
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